Our general projects include eradication of illiteracy, women empowerment programmes, adult education programme, consumer awareness programmes. We have also got experience in carrying out other projects such as vocational training in various skill development programmes, water and sanitation programme for the poor, awareness programmes on current welfare issues and also enlightening them on how to avail micro finance.




Our organisation is committed


  To work collectively maintaining friendly relations among all the members securing peace and workminedness to achieve social and educational objectives.


         To maintain a well-furnished reading room and a library to provide reference books relating to different fields providing useful knowledge not only to the members but also to the youth to have self-education and to improve literacy among them.


         To implement developmental activities for the poor in rural areas and also for the urban poor  living in slums.


         To secure solidaridy, sympathy and co-operation from the generous public and also to secure    public assistance for all development activities.


         To promote health awareness programmes for  women by establishing maternity and child health centers, creches, short stay home centers, day care centres and community health centers to cover immunization programmes and family welfare programmes                              


         To start adult education centres, and establishing income generating programmes - different  types of skill-developing programmes to help handicapped persons and poor women to gain self confidence by giving vocational training


         To procure loans from RMK, NMDFC, NHFDC, NABARD, Scheduled Tribes Financial


         Development Corporation, HDFC, ICICI and other Nationalized Banks.


         To approach the foreign donors for supporting the activities of the association


         Non-formal education centres, libraries, vocational training centres, like tailoring centres condensor courses especially in the rural areas where there is no education facilities to encourage and educate


         To collaborate with other socities, for association of those having similar aims and objectives in India and Abroad.


         To do all such other useful things as are essential or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the societies.